I'm Adam, a Registered Electrician and Radio Communications Technician.

I'm originally from Balclutha, a rural South Otago town  located in the South Island of New Zealand.

My high school interest in electronics encouraged me to join the local radio club and I was licensed ZL4ASC at age 15.

I studied Electrical Technology at polytech, then went on to complete my electrical apprenticeship in Balclutha at a small wireless ISP. 

In 2015 I made the move to the big city to further my career. Dunedin has been my home of 4 years and I enjoy my work on a variety of electrical projects and radio repeaters, electronics repairs and design build of bespoke technical solutions.

My work sees me traveling to some extremely unusual and picturesque places and everyday brings a new challenge.

My other interests include jetsking and socializing with mates, I'm often involved in amateur radio projects in my spare time.

I try to maintain an easygoing and enthusiastic attitude and have lots fun in the process.

2018/19 bring a new challenge. I am 

living and working in Antarctica for 13 months, my job is keeping the communications systems all tickety-boo at Scott Base, New Zealand's research station down here. Very exciting. 

Consider that if you get a hole in your net you actually have less holes than when you started. 

Adam Campbell


My Brother, Mum, Dad and Me at home in Balclutha

Adam rigging an IP link on a mast.

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