Adelie Penguins, Cape Royds

While we visited Cape Royds we were able to look at some of the wildlife there. There is an ASPA, an area where you can't enter due to the Adelie Penguin colony.

There are hundreds of these penguins all hanging around out here. They are quite spastic little creatures and are quite inquisitive, they all follow each other around and a few were interested enough by all the orange penguins that arrived that they come over for a look.

They run around with their little wings back and get quite a pace on.

This chap is about to make the big jump over this crack.

The edge of the sea ice as it begins to melt in for the year. Once this melts around the corner we will no longer be able to access here by land vehicle, as the ice melts it will all break up and float away like the stuff in the back.

This is not a penguin at all. This Skua is like a special antarctic seagull. We don't see them very often, so when you see a flying bird its a bit of a surprise. All the penguin tracks in the background are as they walk around the corner to the water.

Four of us went away from Scott Base today (Sunday) and started building an igloo, we bit off more than we can chew so will have to go back and finish it after work during the week.

A good way to spend a Sunday.

On Saturday night the US folks invited us all over for Thanksgiving diner, an excellent meal with a huge range of dishes including heaps of turkey.

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