Antenna Building

I have finally had some downtime in the evenings to be constructing antennas. I am half way through my new G0KSC 4.9m 5el 50 MHz yagi. Thanks to all the emails I have received from enthusiastic people in the last few weeks encouraging me to get on-air.

I do not want to miss out on the summer 6m radio band opening, therefore this is a rush job now and I'm making great headway. This antenna will be similar to one that I have successfully used from home. Justin G0KSC produces some excellent designs, so i'm sure it will work well.

I have also spent some time this afternoon creating some almond biscuits. Page 37 of the Edmond's cookbook. 13/10 rating, extremely salubrious in my opinion.

57 biscuits will probably be gone this time tomorrow when the team finds them.

Tonight we are off to a party at McMurdo station, the Christmas function at the heavy vehicle workshop, and from tomorrow we have two days off.

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