Cape Bird

I was extremely lucky to get to go to Cape Bird this weekend. The purpose of our visit was to prepare the hut for the season before the science team spend two months out here studying Adelie Penguins. Cape Bird is at the very north end of Ross Island, about 40 minutes helicopter trip from Scott Base.

C-130 Hercules that has just taken off leaving a contrail as the plane heads to the north towards NZ.

The hut has two bunk rooms and a kitchen/dining and a science lab. There is a separate toilet building and small shed. Solar power for all the electricity, but no lights! (24 hour daylight) My job was to test the radio and sat phone systems and prepare the solar system. I also helped tidy the hut and tightened the guy wires stopping the toilet blowing away.

Our team of three were out there for two nights, a Domestic, an Electrician and me the Telecommunications Tech.

I didn't realize this chap was running around behind me at the time.

The Penguins coming back from a swim.

Me watching the penguins and the Bird glacier in the background.

Happy penguin coming for a closer look.

This one has a shiny coat and also came right up to me.

Bird glacier on right, Beaufort Island in the distance. The dots are all penguins.

There are thousands of penguins out here and its interesting to watch them interact. they work together but they also get into fights when they steal each others rocks from the nests and chase each other around.

Skua are nesting out here as well and the Skua are always on the look out for an egg to steal from a penguin. We watched a penguin walk up to a sitting Skua and whack it with its flipper, quite comical.

These guys come over and got into a line with me like I was a big Penguin.

A seal and cub came up through one of the melt pools, this caused all the penguins to be very careful for a while until the seal went to sleep in the sun.

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