Feels like more than three weeks

Yeah, I've only been here three weeks and I'm already settled into some good routines.

Out in front of Scott Base on the pressure ridges there are some new baby Weddell seals. (pressure ridges are where the sea ice meets the front of Ross Island and the pressure pushes up the ice)

This chap is reasonably inquisitive, the mother couldn't care less that we are walking around taking pictures.

I have commandeered a quite nice chair and now I can sit on my landing and have a look around, this evening is only -10C, Quite nice to sit outside in the 24 hour sun.

I have been out and about today, we lowered a couple of masts at Arrival Heights, the site of some atmospheric and climatic instruments. The site has an Ionospheric radar probe receiver, some of the antennas were a bit sick after the winter. Arrival Heights is up on the hill behind McMurdo Station so only a 15 minute drive away, the 9m Satellite dish I look after is located close to there as well.

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