Fire Crew Training

Our entire summer and winter crew have spent the week at the Woolston fire training centre. This training has been extremely good fun and we have learned a lot.

On Monday we were lighting matches and watching the pyrolysis and we were demonstrated a small fire in what they call a dolls house. (1m x 1m wooden box with miniature foam couch and furniture inside)

Tuesday was fire extinguishers and fighting oven and vehicle fires.

Wednesday we were learning how to don a breathing apparatus, and we crawled around inside a building that was dark and heated to about 80 degrees C.

We entered a building that had a fire lit in the corner and watched the smoke etc. as the fire burned inside the room, It got quite hot but we learned to be calm and trust our equipment.

Thursday and Friday were spent doing realistic simulations in a pretend helicopter and inside buildings and we had some training wearing chemical suits as well. I had to rescue an instructor from inside a tunnel under the driveway wearing a BA and using a gas detector.

The dozen or so Fire Emergency NZ trainers were excellent at teaching us this stuff and we all came away quite confident with our new skills and working well as a team.

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