Getting Sorted

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Theres a lot to do when going away for a year. I have been busy moving all my stuff out so I can rent my home, deciding what to bring with me and what to store, changing mail and notifying people of my upcoming expedition.

Once you start shifting house you realise how much crap you accumulate.

There are plenty of people to catch up with and lots to organise yet.

I have been subjected to a huge number of tests and examinations required to work in the harsh antarctic environment. All of which are understandable considering the effort required to do a medical evacuation and the limited medical support down there.

I am a bit sad to be leaving some of my friends and workmates and have been working hard to handover some of the interesting projects I have recently been working on. Hopefully all goes well for a year until I return to Dunedin.


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