Mt Erebus repeater site

I have been busy installing the radio repeaters that the scientists and support teams will use to communicate back to Scott Base. One of the sites is called Hoopers Shoulder, located half the way up Mt Erebus at 2195m. The Erebus crater lake at the top is 3794m high and when you consider that Scott Base at sea level is only 30 Km away, its quite a spectacular place to be working.

One of the other sites I have visited is called Black Island and that is where we have the HF radio receivers, used for the long distance communications to the traverse group and as a backup for our VHF radios.

Black Island is about 35 Km to the south over the sea ice and provides an interesting view back towards Scott Base and Ross Island.

The picture below is taken on the night of the last sunset until winter, we are now in the 24 hours sunlight period. This is a tad strange if you get up in the night and its hard to convince yourself to go to sleep. on the whole the weather has been excellent so far.

I even had time to send a postcard.

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