Ross Island Marathon

I did not run in the marathon, however I did support all the keen people who did. We decorated up a Hagg last night and headed out on the nice flat road to Phoenix Airfield where the McMurdo rec team had set up the course.

We assisted to shuttle the participants out to the start-line, then we were one of the support vehicles roaming around and helping people out. We handed out lollies and drinks etc.

We yelled "polite supporting comments" to the competitors and played music from the Hagglund roof.

Some US guys spent the day cooking a BBQ on the back of the Kress. The Kress is a massive truck they use for hauling loads to and from the airfield, it has great big balloon tires and is able to travel out on the compacted snow road. Makes our Hagg look small!

We decorated the support Hagglund up on Saturday night. The weather was excellent and the NZ crew had a 1,2,3 win on the cycling and a first place on the full marathon, there were about 60 competitors from both stations.

I'm still enjoying my time down here, especially being involved with things like this. It makes me think back to before I arrived. I didn't know what I was going to be up to in the weekends. I really didn't expect to be playing frisbee on the road with Americans, having a BBQ and playing music from the vehicle roof while helping run a marathon a few months ago.

Quite a fun day, and it was topped off with a well cooked Sunday roast for us when we got home. Will keep the updates going.


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