Shackleton's Hut, Cape Royds

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Last weekend a couple of Hagglund loads of us went to Cape Royds for a Sunday mission. The weather was brilliant and we were fortunate to see some amazing sights.

This is the drive to Cape Royds, the track is over the sea ice back towards NZ about 2.5 hours drive from Scott Base. we drive past Cape Evans and the Erebus Glacial Ice Tongue.

This picture is of the Adelie penguin colony at Cape Royds in the background, there is a modern scientific station with an camera in the center left. In the foreground is an old Stevenson screen installed by the Shackleton expedition in 1908 this is the shelter that contained some of their weather monitoring instruments.

The 1908 Hut with all the boxes of supplies (most full) around the outsides. The sea ice behind where I am taking the picture is melting away for the season, soon you wont be able to get to Cape Royds by vehicle, until winter when the sea freezes again.

One Corner of the inside of the Shackleton Hut, the hut is larger than you would imagine and is in fantastic condition. This is partly due to the dry frozen environment and a lot due to the massive job that that the AHT team have done conserving and repairing it.

There are a lot of supplies and equipment left in the hut and its amazing that it has been sitting here like this for 110 years.

Don't think anyone would be terribly impressed if we drunk some of that whiskey. They have taken samples of the whiskey back to Scotland and remade some from the original.

5 boxes of this were found under the floor of the hut when AHT were doing repairs a few years ago.

More pictures coming of the penguins out at Royds soon.


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