Some radio stuff

I have been working on some amateur radio stuff over the weekend. I fired up the FT-847 and got my soundcard interface cable built, I got the serial data between the radio and laptop configured. I was able to send some digital radio, FT8/WSPR into a dummy load and receive it with my second radio. Now I just need an antenna and can be on the airwaves again.

Last week I returned to Black Island to repair the field comms HF antenna. On the return trip, we flew into McMurdo Station and I was able to take pictures from an unusual perspective, looking straight in from the sea ice with Mt Erebus in the background. McMurdo is the home of about 800 people in the summer.

We went to Gallagher’s Bar over there on Saturday night. Drinks are cheap, I was there quite late and spent $34 US, that includes tips. The bar is dark and crowded with American’s listening to the live music, a great atmosphere.

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