Warkworth Satellite Station

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

I spent the weekend in Christchurch with some of my new workmates and did some shopping and some laundry. I also caught up with my friend Sam and cousin Eva and we had a few reinforced lemonades in town on Saturday.

On Monday I flew to Auckland and then drove to Warkworth, 1.5 hours from the airport.

Tuesday was spent with the team at the Warkworth Satellite Earth Station where they operate various satellite links to Pacific Islands, Chatham's, NZ backup services and of course our link into Scott Base.

They have 3 interesting staff, who are all extremely knowledgeable and were keen to insure I had a good understanding of the equipment I will be maintaining, The NZ end of the link sends the signal up to the satellite where it bounces back to Scott Base, I maintain that end so It was great to meet the guys who will support me and look at the equipment at the NZ end.

I really enjoyed looking through the station and discovering the history of the site, it was initially built in the 60's to provide the international telephone circuits for NZ.

2 of the guys were radio amateurs and they were keen to hear about my plans to operate as ZL5A.

Selection of dishes (Centre right - Scott Base 7.6m Diameter)

One row of five in the equipment room. Satellite modems on the left and RF gear on the right.

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