ZL4ASC, Dunedin   RE54fc

ZL5A, Antarctica     RB32jd



I have been interested in Amateur Radio since age 14, I studied and was issued my primary callsign at age 15. My early years in the hobby involved a lot of construction projects and VHF repeater operation.

I enjoyed being part of the field day contest operations and club events.

My later operations become more advanced as my skill set grew through my work and interest.

I have developed a liking for VHF, UHF and Microwave, and enjoy being part of the local crew operating in some if the VHF+ contests and building equipment.

One of my projects was the construction of a 23cm Kuhne transverter and associated equipment. I have constructed a range of antennas and have recently been building G0KSC yagis.

My year in Antarctica has allowed for some new opportunities and while I can only operate as time permits, I have been lucky enough to receive some great signals on HF using digital modes.

Recently  have been running WSPR with a 33 percent duty cycle, I have been received as far away as Iceland by TF4M, 16818 Km. I have also been operating using FT8 and have made some good contacts. Keep a look out for me as I upload spots to PSK Reporter.

The antennas I am operating with are usually used by the Scott Base Station for the long range field communications to science events, they seem to work very nicely for amateur radio due to being wideband.

One antenna I am using is a Conical Monopole, this antenna is synonymous with an upside down Discone for HF, and I am also able to use a wideband Delta type antenna.

26m Conical Monopole Antenna

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